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new life through design


Microsoft Buildings 121 &  122 


2019 DBIA Best in Design - Architecture

2019 NAIOP Washington Redevelopment/Renovation of the Year

IES Illumination Award of Merit

IALD International Award of Merit


B+H Architects

Design brings two expansive buildings and the adjoining site to life through a renovation that reflects the local environment, aligned with Microsoft's evolving workplace design requirements.

New atriums bring daylight into the deep floorplates - the lighting concept of graphic expression of forms and materials is expressed in the framing of conference rooms that float into the atriums.

Challenged to create exciting and unexpected open office spaces, the use of linear lighting in rectangular frames brings visual interest to these spaces and defies the expectations of typical office lighting.

photographer: Benny Chan, Fotoworks

copyright 2018 Microsoft

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