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Microsoft Building 121 Hub

highlighting the power of design

We create enriching spaces because we care deeply about the built environment and how light impacts the human experience. Dark Light designs with great purpose and feels a profound responsibility to anticipate the needs of those who will use the space, connect those people to place, and deliver thoughtful, memorable experiences. 

Our job is to listen and ask questions to understand your vision and overall project goals so we can do what we do best—use light to create spaces that are striking, functional, flexible, and inviting. Our design process is structured to engage participation across the project team to discover innovative answers together.

Dark Light looks at each project as a holistic set of challenges and opportunities to be undertaken by our collaborative team.

our why

At Dark Light, we are driven, first and foremost, by the need to create impactful design through the application of light to establish spaces that enrich the experience of the people who use them.

Since 2008, we have enjoyed amazing opportunities to collaborate on a diverse range of projects. This broad scope of experience brings a unique and diverse perspective to our design and guides us in creating engaging lighting solutions that thoughtfully address human factors and sustainability while fulfilling the design vision.

We are committed to translating initial vision and project goals into executable design. Our focus on the design process, coupled with close attention to budget and project management, brings a unique perspective – one driven by solving design challenges and enhancing environments through the application of light.



Dark Light holds the following certifications: 

  • WBENC (Women's Business Enterprise National Council)

  • SBD/WBE/WOSB certified by SAMS - Federal Government

  • WBE (Woman Owned Business) and DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) certified in the State of Washington

  • DBE certified in the State of Missouri Department of Transportation

  • WBE certified in the State of Minnesota

  • WBE certified in the State of Missouri

  • WBE certified in City of St. Louis and surrounding metro area

  • SWaM certified in the State of Virginia

  • DBE certified by the Washington DC Metro

  • DBE certified by the District of Columbia DOT

  • DBE certified by the State of Colorado

  • DBE certified by the State of Ohio

  • WBE certified by the State of Illinois

  • DBE certified by the City of Chicago

  • DBE certified by the State of Texas

  • WOSB certified by the Small Business Administration

  • Small Contractor and Supplier by King County



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