Microsoft Building 121 Hub

highlighting the power of design

We create enriching spaces because we care deeply about the built environment and how light impacts the human experience. Dark Light designs with great purpose and feels a profound responsibility to anticipate the needs of those who will use the space, connect those people to place, and deliver thoughtful, memorable experiences. 

illuminating the right solutions


Our job is to listen and ask questions to understand your vision and overall project goals so we can do what we do best—use light to create spaces that are striking, functional, flexible, and inviting. Our design process is structured to engage participation across the project team to discover innovative answers together.

Dark Light looks at each project as a holistic set of challenges and opportunities to be undertaken by our collaborative team. We will:


  • work closely with the entire design and stakeholder team to integrate compelling lighting solutions.

  • provide independent, unbiased advice, using the widest variety of tools at our disposal, to help select lighting strategies and products that work in our client’s best interest.

  • develop a lighting concept tailored to support the project's overall design goals.

  • collaborate with the design team to develop the right lighting details to bring the project to life.

  • ensure that lighting solutions are technically sound, sustainable, maintainable, and within budget.

  • expertly manage your project from concept design through completion.


Dark Light holds the following certifications: 

  • WBE (Woman Owned Business) and DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) certified in the State of Washington

  • WBE certified in the State of Missouri

  • SWaM certified in the State of Virginia

  • Small Contractor and Supplier by King County